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Contacto Sintetico.

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Detroit artist Jimmy’s  new album is firmly rooted in the electrofunk era of the 80s. Think R&B stylin with TR808 beats all encassed within the essence of smooth.

It’s cool as, even though Jimmy is a little stuck on his own sexual exploits for the lyrical content.

Available on double vinyl & CD from K7.



Finnish electro act the Blastromen talk about their new album ‘Human Beyond’.

Live interview at Basso radio 102.8 MHz, 4.September 2010

mattwhitehead2 new excellent tracks from Matt (Signal Type). 1st release on Rebel Intelligence.

Some serious early 80s grooves here. A superb recreation of that era.

Beat the heat clip

Tuff City clip

Available from Rubadub, Juno, Clone and other good record stockists.


aldenGlad I managed to get this on wax when it came out. Found an MP3 on the Haules Baules blog. One of my fave Alden tracks. Pure electro with scratching aplenty.

The MP3 should be renamed from Digger to Obsession (Scrtch).


brk56Computor Rockers Computor Shock (Breakin’ Records BRK56)

A Computor Shock (Vocal) / Computor Shock (Instrumental)
AA How We Used To Rock / Distributed Processing

Hotly bumping fast-paced electro rap with fresh scratching and rolling TR808 & 909.


GORPO at Alternate Djs 5 years

“Fabricio Castro, also known as Gorpo, has been a DJ for seven years ans also one of the few brazilian produces to dedicate his productions exclusively to old school electro and its variants. His references are the Detroit Techno Bass scene and its artists such as AUX 88, Cybotron, Detroit in Effect, Drexciya, among others. Gorpo productions are about sci-fi themes as men/machine relations, robotics and the future of humanity. He participates actively of the scene producing promoting tracks that can be downloaded from the internet for free, and also mixes that can be found in the most important sites related to the electro scene.”

And of course he’s a member of ElectroEmpire.



editsFantastic edit mix from Frenzie. Originally uploaded in 2004 with an Albert Cabrera interview interspersed, but this time he’s thrown up the mix only.

There’s a bit of everything in it, electro, old school hip-hop, freestyle, cu-ups, etc…

GROOVE THERAPY PODCAST 81mins/111MBs/192kbps

sace2It’s fantastic to hear other languages wrung through a vocoder, but it’s even better to hear 100% solid electro from other countries such as this briliant album from Spains’s SACE 2. This is his 2nd album, his first La Musika came out in 2000. Available as MP3, CD & very Limited Vinyl.



warp band1Dude has gone mad with his WARP 9 information. Respect. Peeep the Saltyka blog.